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1. What are some problems with psychology, in general? 2. What are 3 complementary goals of cross-cultural psychology? 3. What does cross-cultural psychology do? 4. Define culture. 5. Explain why interpretation of cross-cultural psychology results is often biased? 6. When did cross-cultural psychology begin? 7. Define etic and emic; imposed etic; derived etic. 8. Describe 3 theoretical orientations in cross-cultural psychology.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What do cross-cultural psychologists expect to influence human behavior? 10. What is culture typically used as in research? 11. Why is it important to collect research data from at least 3 cultures? 12. What is Volkerpsychologie? 13. What are some topics researched in cross-cultural psychology? 14. What is race?...
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