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SJSU Math 12 Field Experience Assignment Brief Summary: A significant requirement in this class is completion of and reflection on a field experience. Your field experience must involve observations of and/or participation in three mathematics lessons in an elementary or middle school (preferably a public school, but a private school is okay.) You will set up your own field experience plan and document your field experience by completing notes and reflections on your observations and activities. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to the mathematical concepts, processes, and pedagogy that are currently being employed in public school settings , as well as exposing you to current school cultures and expectations of teachers. Your own observations, activities, and reflections will likely serve as much more powerful learning experiences than any philosophical class discussion could. Related Learning Outcomes 1. demonstrate understanding of the following mathematical content areas: problem solving, numeration, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and number theory. 2. demonstrate progress towards acquisition of the following mathematical processes: understand understanding, utilize representations and connections, develop new reasoning and problem solving skills, communicate mathematical ideas, develop positive attitudes and beliefs about mathematics, and use technology appropriately. Weight towards semester grade: 10% (100 points) Estimated time to completion: 6.5 hours outside of class over the whole semester, not counting travel time Part A: Setting Up a Plan Contact a teacher (of your choice). Provide letter of introduction, if necessary (you will be given a template).
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FieldExperienceAssignment_12 - SJSU Math 12 Field...

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