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FACT SHEET ABOUT SPARTANVILLE, CA • Spartanville has a total population of 25,000 adults. About another 7,500 are children, and half of those are school aged. • Spartanville is located in Northern California, with its typical climate and an industrial base of a paper mill, supporting industries, and agriculture. This includes some migrant worker camps in the surrounding counties, as well as other light industries. It has several grocery stores, both chains and mom-and-pop variety. It has the largest Wal-Mart superstore in the country and the smallest Best Buy store in the country. • There is one newspaper but no local television stations. Two stations from other towns have a small satellite staff in town however. • There is an interstate highway which runs near Spartanville. This means that there is the typical business base associated with four interstate exits (e.g., gas stations, convenience stores, towing). • The culture is typical of Northern California in terms of the sex/gender system, the political attitudes (trending solid Democratic in national elections but local elections tend to be split between both major parties), the sexual mores, the religiosity, the athleticism, and so on. Newcomers to Spartanville are often asked first, Where have you moved from? And a close second What religion are you? • There are five schools: three elementary schools, one middle school (brand
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