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103jlhS2010flexassign - EDEL 103 Spring 2010 Lessow-Hurley...

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EDEL 103, Lessow-Hurley Assignments Spring 2010 1 EDEL 103 – Spring 2010 Lessow-Hurley ASSIGNMENTS PARTICIPATION During the semester there will be opportunities in and out of class to demonstrate preparation and participation. These opportunities will allow you to earn 25 points. Each opportunity will be worth between one and three points. For in-class assignments you must be present to win. If you miss class or arrive too late to participate, you lose. There will be no repeats or make-ups. Some opportunities will be announced in class, others via email. I will assume that you read your email and that the address you have given me is current. You are responsible for keeping me up-to-date on how to reach you. CULTURE STUDY You will be assigned to study a cultural/ethnic community in our area. This assignment includes preliminary background work, a group designed oral presentation and a final portfolio. You are asked to find ways to access your community of study and above all to talk to people who forefront their ethnic identity. Preliminary Drafts Constructing draft material will prepare you for your exploration, get you started on your portfolio, and create opportunities for me to provide you with feedback and guidance in this assignment. You will submit three drafts, as outlined below. See the course calendar for due dates. These can be done as papers, but do not need to be fully developed papers and do not have to be prepared as they may appear in your final portfolio. Your work should include data, sources, and some discussion of the usefulness or importance of the information you have selected. Whatever you do, DO NOT simply download Wikipedia or any other webpage. Be sure to cite all your sources in a consistent manner. APA is recommended. If you don’t know what that means, ASK! Most importantly, focus your work on the LOCAL area, broadly defined. Demographic data about your community, charts, graphs, maps, other summary data: How many people, located/concentrated where geographically, language use, age/income/SES. Again, FOCUS ON THE LOCAL AREA, but remember that you may want to present a broader perspective for comparison purposes. For example, “Hispanics” comprise approximately 26% of the population of Santa Clara County. That’s an interesting piece of data. But it’s not really information unless you know
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EDEL 103, Lessow-Hurley Assignments Spring 2010 2 how that compares to other north bay counties, to the state, to the country, or how the current figure compares to ten years ago.
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103jlhS2010flexassign - EDEL 103 Spring 2010 Lessow-Hurley...

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