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1) Ethnicity – place of birth, parents, religion, etc…. Can change given a situation: American Indians until the gaming came out did not want to be recognized as Indian. 2) Race – biologically defined… 3) Language a) Strongest distinguishing feature of ethnic groups 4) Different types of ways to lose an ethnicity a) Alculturation – people can be encouraged to adapt to a dominant culture without losing their original native cultural practices. b) Conversion – people feel that the new culture or religion is greater than theirs and they will be able to flourish under the new rule c) Syncretism – In a situation of cultural syncretism, cultural ideas from
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Unformatted text preview: different cultures mix to create a new reality. Have cultures existing in modern culture for instance China town? i) Buddhism is a syncretism religion and philosophy – Buddha was originally a Hindu. Includes both Hinduism and Taoist thoughts. d) Paternalism – dominant culture imposes rules on the weaker culture without them having a say – Tibet, Iraq, British colonization of India. 5) A state is defined by the territory you can militarily control. A nation is 6) Inter Ethnic Strife – a larger threat to the survival 4...
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