Math_105_Group_Project - Math 105 Group Project I(50 points...

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Math 105 Group Project- I (50 points) Brief Summary: You will work on this Group Project in groups of 3 or 4 (not more than 4 and not less than 2 students per group). On Tuesday October 20 you will turn in your group project for a grade. For this project, you will choose one of the WebQuests (see my website for these Webquests) and work on that. Specifics on what needs to be turned in are described in each of the WebQuests. For each of these WebQuests you will be using the concepts learned in this course and high school algebra. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to the mathematical concepts, and processes that are currently being used to answer some real world investigations, as well as exposing you to wide data and information available on the internet that can help you solve some interesting questions. Your own investigations, collection of information, decisions, and analysis will likely serve as much more powerful learning experiences than any mathematical lecture could. This assignment will also help you in becoming a self-sufficient learner by giving you independence in the choice of concepts and sources of information that you want to use in solving certain problems. It will also expose you one of the research-based, inquiry-oriented activity, WebQuests that you may plan to use in
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Math_105_Group_Project - Math 105 Group Project I(50 points...

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