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Solutions to Homework #2 (Astronomy 155). 5 points each part, total 40. 1. I took this problem straight off the website for chemistry that I had a link to, on the course webpage. http://chemed.chem.purdue.edu/genchem/topicreview/bp/ch22/rateframe.html and follow links to chemical kinetics, and activation energy. This is problem #11-12. The answer was 183 kJ/mole for the first part, and 1.6 M/sec for the second part. Depending on how you did the second part, you may have gotten 2.0 M/sec, because the data points did not make a perfectly straight line. I did not take points off if you did a good job of hand-writing your plots, but most people did not do such a great job of that, so I dinged you a few points! Yikes - isn’t it easier to do it on excel? 2. You can safely assume that the ice+water mixture starts at 0 o C. The specific heat of water c = 4.19 kJ/kg-K. latent heat of fusion L f = 335 kJ/kg, and latent heat of vaporization L vap = 2270 kJ/kg. Here are the terms that go into determining the energy to
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