Lecture5 - 1 EDSE 224, Lecture 5: Appropriate instruction...

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1 EDSE 224, Lecture 5: Appropriate instruction and modifications for second language learners with and without disabilities at the Intermediate Stage The Intermediate Stage is considered to be the longest of all the stages second language learners undergo. The range of abilities and skills that must be developed throughout this period can take the average learner up to two years, and a slower learner, or a learner with disabilities, up to three years to master. In cases of exceptions when learners take much less time to advance, faster development of competence quite often is related to level of native language proficiency attained and to the experiential background and attitude the learners bring to the task of becoming proficient in the second or target language. The Intermediate Stage includes those beginning to work in the construction of basic sentences with fair consistency (Level 3-a Early Intermediate), who have difficulty structuring simple narratives and questions, and whose comprehension is limited though greater than it was at the Beginners’ Stage. It also includes learners who can produce basic sentences consistently (Level 3b.
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2 Later Intermediate), but who are struggling with understanding the construction and the cohesion of texts (oral and written) as well as understanding complex syntax. For example, dealing with texts that are more than 100 words long, that contain compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. What does a learner at the early Intermediate Stage (Level 3a) look like and sound like? Learners
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Lecture5 - 1 EDSE 224, Lecture 5: Appropriate instruction...

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