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AAS33B 01-10 Do-Franks

AAS33B 01-10 Do-Franks - Franks America 1900-1945 and...

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January 10, 2008 Franks America, 1900-1945 and American Democracy? Part II Focus on Do’s Lectures and not so much from books this test but final. Agenda 1. Getting Elected President (must be 35 – at least at the time you’re inaugurated, American born citizen) 1. Need Access to Money (TV, Billboards, Flyers) -Money from Interest Groups Rep. Should go to:-NRA (National Rifle Organization got volunteers and money) -Christian Fundamental Groups (Evangelical) -Businesses Dem. Should go to:-Environmental groups -Labor Unions 2. Political Experience 3. Some kind of military experience might help 4. Education 5. Belong to a Political Party (Independent candidates have it tough, so ideally you’re candidate should be Dem. or Rep.) -But more people are Ind. Now so it IS possible for a third party ticket 6. Figure out what you stand for (Americans what to be secure, Economic Expansion, Capitalist, for Education, Health Care, FREEDOM, Anti-Tax, Balanced Budget = Political Platform but it lacks specifics (how are you going to achieve?) ) If you are a Rep. or Dem., the first thing you must do is win the party nomination. By achieving this, you got to go through all these primaries. Karl Rove came up with the 50.1 strategy In 2004 for 60% of registered voters actually voted In general, Advise your candidate to be hardcore on what the stand for Next primary is at Michigan – voters are going for a recession (economy) Do Finish Chinese and Filipino Experience and then move on to Japanese Academics Charles Darwin (Evolutionists)
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-Different species evolve over time to adapt to their environment (Survival of the Fittest) Eugenics movement (a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention.
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  • Immigration to the United States, -Christian Fundamental Groups, Japanese Academics Charles, National Rifle Organization

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AAS33B 01-10 Do-Franks - Franks America 1900-1945 and...

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