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Study Guide Midterm 1

Study Guide Midterm 1 - Study Guide Geology 112 Exam#1...

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Study Guide Geology 112 Exam #1 Advise: review notes; read book; and answer the appropriate questions in the back of each chapter. Exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. Figure numbers are taken from the 7 th edition. Information may occur in the 2 nd chapter in earlier editions. Chapter 2:~20% of exam o Energy sources of the Earth o Origin of the Sun and Planets o Formation of the Earth o Formation of atmosphere and water on Earth o The layered Earth: figure 2.10: order of layers and compositions o Figure 2.11: two types of crust (composition and characteristics); lithosphere asthenosphere o Isostasy o Internal sources of energy o Age of Earth o Gravity: definition; Why is the gravitational force on the Earth greater than that of the Moon, even though the Moon is farther away. o Processes of construction versus destruction o Uniformitarianism o Questions for review: 1-4; 7, 8. 10, 15, 17 Chapter 1: ~20% of exam o Human response to natural disasters o Economic loss from natural disasters o
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