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The MSR Film List - San Jose State University RelS/Anth 122...

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San Jose State University Selected MSR Films RelS/Anth 122 Magic, Science and Religion Dr. Mira Z. Amiras The MSR Film List last revised: January 2010 The following films are recommended not because they are necessarily great or even good (some of them are truly terrible), but because they are, for the most part, easy to find and very effective for testing principles introduced in MSR Important : Underlined films will be used as examples in class. Do not use underlined films in your own analyses in your papers. Assignments and categories will be discussed in class Category I Category II Category III APOCALYPSE NOW ARAB AND JEW: WOUNDED SPIRITS IN A PROMISED LAND (in English, Hebrew and Arabic) AVATAR BAMBOOZLED BATMAN (1 st film) BATMAN BEGINS BERKELEY IN THE 60S BILIN MY LOVE (in Arabic, Hebrew and English, with subtitles) BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL BREAKFAST ON PLUTO CAPRICA (series) CLOCKWORK ORANGE CABARET CUP FINAL (in Hebrew, Arabic and English) Watch along with OFFSIDE (in Persian with English subtitles) A BEAUTIFUL MIND AFTER THE WEDDING (in Danish and some English, with subtitles) AMERICAN BEAUTY ARAB LABOR (Arab-Israeli sitcom. All episodes in Arabic and Hebrew, and both languages mixed together, with subtitles) BABEL THE BAND’S VISIT (in Arabic, Hebrew and English) BEAUTIFUL BOXER (in Thai, with English subtitles) BEE SEASON BEING JOHN MALKOVITCH BEYOND BORDERS BORAT BOYS DON’T CRY BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN THE CHINA SYNDROME THE CLIENT THE CONSTANT GARDENER ALTERED OCEANS (available from and on dvd) ANDROMEDA STRAIN ALIEN (entire series) THE ARRIVAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) BACK TO THE FUTURE (all three) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (the ‘reimagined’ series) BLADE RUNNER THE BUSINESS OF PARADIGMS CHILDREN OF MEN CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND CONTACT THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW DEEP IMPACT DER GOLEM (silent film, Germany)
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Dr. Mira Z. Amiras T HE MSR F ILM L IST 2 THE DARK KNIGHT DIVINE INTERVENTION (Palestinian /Israeli film in
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The MSR Film List - San Jose State University RelS/Anth 122...

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