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Philosophy10 Sec7 George Pinto 5/1/07 Democracy: A Just Political System Argument: In theory, democracy is a justified political system. But in reality, it needs adjustments due to lack of participation. This ultimately leads to a misrepresentation of the majority. In order for societies to exist, a political system is necessary because it establishes a set of rules and guidelines for everyone to follow. A political system, in other words, is the social system of politics and government. This system is how we run and conduct our government, how we vote for representation, and how our laws and policies made. These days, democracy is the most justified political system because in theory, it is a true representation of the majority. If we increase political participation, we will ultimately reach a perfect society. According to Aristotle, “the state… exists for some end, for some purpose… that purpose is to promote the good life for humans” (Moore/Bruder 312), which essentially means happiness. If the majority of people are content, then democracy is a just political system. Two of the most brilliant philosophers have tried to interpret the world in order to create an ideal state for society. Plato thought that “the state as an organism whose well-being is desirable for its own sake” (Moore/Bruder 311), while Aristotle argued that “individuals must sacrifice his or her own well-being for that of the state” (Moore/Bruder 312). In order to determine which method is correct, a set of principles is needed as guidelines. Well Aristotle created an evaluation standard for the state, “a state is good only to the degree to which it enables its citizens themselves to achieve the good life, whereas for Plato a state is good to the extent that it is well ordered” (Moore/Bruder 312).
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I agree with Aristotle, individuals must sacrifice time and effort in order for the state to continue functioning effectively. Normally, “an individual becomes a member of a class by birth, but he or she will move to a higher or lower class according to their aptitude” (Moore/Bruder
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Philo10_Democracy a Just Political System2 - Philosophy10...

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