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Syllabus Fall2009 - 8t24t2009 Bus 1 72B F.J.Tones SAN JOSE...

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8t24t2009 Bus 1 72B F.J. .Tones ;' SAN JOSE STATE UNI\'ERSITY Fall 2009 Business 7728 - Portfolio Analvsis Instructcr: Frank J. Jones Office: 850D Business To'wer Telephone: 408-924-3466 e-mail: [email protected] Class Hours: M, \V: 1330-1445 (Sec. i):BBC 108 Final Exam: May. 18 (Mon.) - 12i5-1430 M, W: 1500-1615 (Sec. 2): BBC 108 Finai Exam: May'.20 (Wed.) - 1215-1430 Office lfours: M. W: 1200-1330 and 1615-1715. and by appointmenl Required Texts: 1) Winning the Loser's Game. Fourth Edition, Charles D. Eliis. 2002. McGraw Hill. (Entire book) 2) Money N{astels of Our Time, John Train, 2000, Harper Business. (Ch. 1 , 2,3, 6,7 , and \J 1 Course Obiective: This course considers the development of or.elall portfolios composed of sub- asset classes and securities (that is. considers ivhich securities and asset classes are included in the portfoiio and in',vhat proporlions) and the n'ranagelrlent of these portfolios to satisfy the investment requirements andpreferences of investors. The anal),sis of individual securities is considered rn Bus 172A; Bus 172B considers poftfolios of assets. Both institutional and indir,idual investors are considered. although the emphasis is on the individual investor. The course has an applied orientation - ),ou should be a capable individual investor by the end of ili.: couise . li{r,riual fulrCs. e;:c1'atrge traC';.1 lgnCs. cit,secl-erid fuucis, iiccige fuir.Ls iiird ir,ciii ld.r;Ll securities are considered. Retirement vehicles are considered as u'ei1 as investment vehicles. Both traditional finance and behavioral finance methodologies are considered. Overall, the course is intended to provide life skills, ln general, the ob,jectives for the course are to: (1) understand the theory and techniques of portfolio management: (2) be able to apolv the tireorl'and techniques to tire actual investment worid- tl-ris objective is pragrlatic. Among the sub-objectives of this objective are to: a) be able to read and understand the financial uress (specifically the \\;ail Sueet Joumal) b) not qet fooled or "picked off 'b1' those r4'ing to sepamte you fro:n 1,our funds; c) be able to manage vour oun investment portfolio ; and (3 ) as a "str etcir ob.lectil'e," deveiop a de-gree of wisdom about the financial markets and rnvestments. Prereguisites: Business 172A (Securifl,Inr,'estments) is aprerequisite for this course. Students are also expected to have a good wolking l<nowledge of algebra, statistics and accounting.
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8124t2009 Bus 172B F.J. .Tones Requirements: Students are required to: - Understand the material covered in the class lectures; - Understand'the materials in the class notes (u'hich are distributed virtuall,v e\rery ciass): - Read the two books b),Ellis and Train (In Ellis: Read entire book. In Train: Read Ch. 1, 2, 3, 6,7 , 17). . The entire Ellis book except Ch. 12.13 and 15 rvill be covered on the Midsemester
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Syllabus Fall2009 - 8t24t2009 Bus 1 72B F.J.Tones SAN JOSE...

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