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CHEMISTRY Departmental Seminar M.S. Final Seminar Ms. Meenakshi Goel San José State University Adviser: Dr. Marc d'Alarcao Synthesis of a Hydrolytically Stable, Lipid-Linked Inositol Glycan Inositol glycans (IGs) are naturally occurring oligosaccharides that can stimulate insulin- sensitive cells. Several synthetic IG analogues have been shown to trigger the insulin-signaling pathway, including the activation of the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase resulting in the stimulation of aerobic metabolism in cells. Cancer cells shift to anaerobic metabolism in order to escape intrinsic apoptosis (Warburg Effect). The IG’s ability to stimulate aerobic metabolism might provide a method to reverse the Warburg Effect and thereby induce apoptosis in the cancer cells. One specific palmitoylated IG analogue, IG-1, has been previously shown to selectively kill cancer
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