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Comm 101C sp 2010 - Dr. Byrd Comm 101 -01 Listen Speak...

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Dr. Byrd Comm 101 -01 Listen Speak Engage San Jose State University Communication Studies Course: Introduction to Communication Studies Comm 101C Section 01, Code 27543, Spring 2010 Instructor: Dr. M.L. Byrd Office: HGH 206 Telephone: 924-5385 Email : [email protected] Office Hours: Mon-Wed 8-8:45 Mon Wed 12-1 pm Mon-Wed 2:45-3:30 pm By appointment and Email except on furlough days M-F Class time: 10:30-11:45 am Classroom: HGH 225 Suggested Text : Griffin, Em (2009 7 th ed.) A First Look at Communication Theory . San Francisco, CA: McGraw-Hill. ISBN-13:978-0-07-338502-0 Catalog Description : COMM 101. Introduction to Communication Studies Overview of the contemporary field of communication studies based on survey of theoretical and practical responses to communication problems arising from changing social contexts. Discussion of communication literature, resources and methods of inquiry. Students will begin their major portfolios Course Rationale: Human communication is the core of life; we are immersed in it from birth to death like the air we breathe. A clear definition of communication is that it is the creation and sharing of meaning among two or more persons. The human experience is shaped by communication and that is why it is such an intricate part of life. Some scholars would say communication even creates our realities. Not only does communication help to create our realities, but we also use it to build our individual and social lives. Therefore, it is essential that we understand the nature of the process: what it is, how it works and its consequences. We begin to understand communication, first through our own experiences, we develop our own communication philosophies based on those experiences and lastly we engage in formal leaning through our academic studies. And, that is what this course is about, becoming acquainted with the formal study of communication. 1
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Dr. Byrd Comm 101 -01 Listen Speak Engage In this course, students will survey the field of communication in order to understand it as a process, an area of scholarship and the application of this knowledge in the real world. We will explore 10 specific communication theories. Succeeding in this Class At SJSU, students are expected to spend two hours outside of class for everyone hour of class time. Because this is a four unit course you can expect to spend a minimum of eight hours per week in addition to time spent in class and on scheduled tutorials or activities. Special projects or assignments may require additional work for the course. Careful time management will help you keep up with readings and assignments and enable you to be successful in all of your courses. University Policies Academic Integrity Academic integrity is essential to the mission of San José State University. As such, students are expected to perform their own work (except when collaboration is expressly permitted by the course instructor). Your material should come from resources such as books, journals, and professional websites. When practiced, academic integrity ensures
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Comm 101C sp 2010 - Dr. Byrd Comm 101 -01 Listen Speak...

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