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Objective: To create an identity style guide and a promo item that would communicate your organization’s new image to its audiences. Scope: 3c The Style Guide & Identification Standards Manual has paved the way for various institutions to promote their many outstanding programs and assets with a unified, visual “voice.” It also enables institutions more effectively communicated their core values and strengths to the audiences. Style guide content requirement: 1. Introduction: Purpose of the Identity Style Guide (include project 3d here) 2. The Logo: Introduction on Logo Design Logo Configurations Color Usage Clear Space Logo Violations Online Usage 3. Visual System: Color Palette Typography Image Style 5. Applications: Stationary (include project 3b here) Web site Newsletter
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Unformatted text preview: Environmental graphics Banners Marketing materials 3d In order for your audiences to clearly understand the scope of the RE-BRAND. You will use information graphics to demonstrate the rationale behind the new brand. The promotion item should include your organization’s structure and how the new identity supports and elevates its mission. Schedule: 4/28 w project 3C+D review 5/3 m project 3 group critique (refinement) 5/5 w project 3 individual review 5/10 m project 3 small group review 5/12 w project 3 small group review 5/17 m project 3(a, b, c, d) due project 3c—id style guide project 3d—promo item about organization’s structure and mission san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 106 advanced graphic design 4 / 2 8 / 1 0 P. 23...
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