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Pols 96FY, Muse Syllabus, Fall, 2009

Pols 96FY, Muse Syllabus, Fall, 2009 - San Jose State...

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San Jose State University Political Science 014D: Awakening in Utopia Professor Ken Nuger The following is both the course syllabus and a variety of guidelines that will help you succeed in your university career. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction pages 2-3 Course Objectives pages 3-4 Grading Criteria pages 5-7 Course readings, exercises and assignments pages 7-12 Appendix 1: Key chapter questions for seminar discussion pages 13-17 Appendix 2: Student ethics and Responsibilities pages 18-20 Appendix 3: How to write university level papers pages 21-23 Appendix 4: How to read chapters and books pages 24-25 Appendix 5: How to take notes in class pages 26-27 Appendix 6: How to study for an exam pages 28-29 Appendix 7: How to take an essay examination pages 30-31
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Pols 96FY, Awakening in Utopia Phone: 408.924.5346 Fall, 2009 Office: Clark Hall, #453 Professor Ken Nuger email: [email protected] Katie Raynes, peer mentor [email protected] T-Th: 10:30-11:45 p.m., Clark Hall, #125 General Education Area D1 Office Hours: 8:15-8:45, 1:30-3 T Th T, TH, 4:45-5:45 T and by app't. Political Science 96FY: Awakening in Utopia http://www.sjsu.edu/people/ken.nuger/ Introduction This is a MUSE seminar, or Metropolitan University Student Experience. It is different, very different from virtually all other courses you will take in your college career. It may be the most important course you will ever take in your college career; not so much for the material you will learn, which incidentally is really cool stuff, but because of the study skills you will learn and use that are essential for student success. Muse seminars are designed to help students develop the skills they need to engage in sophisticated inquiry required at the university level. From the course's seminar format, students will learn to develop a curiosity about the course material and hopefully about the fascinating world in which they live. The varied course research and writing assignments will allow students to become familiar with and practice different research strategies to help inform them about those curiosities. Students will engage in critical analysis and practice their writing and oratory skills by giving presentations and participating in focused seminar discussions. Students will become aware of and intellectually and culturally benefit from the rich diversity that comprises the learning environment at San Jose State University. MUSE seminars are limited to no more than 18 students and are intended to be extremely interactive with both the professor and your class cohorts. These seminars are also designed to present ideas in a multidisciplinary setting, allowing students to recognize and appreciate intellectual inquiry from a variety of perspectives. We are going to read a fascinating novel, written in the late 1800's, about a very wealthy gentleman who essentially falls asleep for over a century and wakes up in a society that has evolved into utopia. The book explores many facets of life and in so doing, will offer students a wealth of opportunities to inquire, research,
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Pols 96FY, Muse Syllabus, Fall, 2009 - San Jose State...

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