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Citation Standards - Reference citation standards for Term...

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Reference citation standards for Term Papers. Based on American Antiquity style guide. For complete examples go to: http://www.nd.edu/~sheridan/AmerAntiquitCitationStyle.pdf All references in alphabetic order by author, last name, then date on separate line . Single space the individual reference, double space between references. Reference section should only include sources cited in your paper. If citing a book ; book title in italics, include publisher and city published. Example: Rudgley, Richard 1999 The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age (The Free Press, New York). If citing chapter or article from an edited volume , include editor in the body of the publishing information. Do not use italics for chapter or article title. Include pages. Use italics only for book title. Example: Bayman, James and Sanchez, M. 1998 The Surface Archaeology of Classic period Hohokam Community Organization. In Surface Archaeology , Alan Sullivan, ed. (University of New Mexico press, Albuquerque) pp 75-88. If an article in a journal , use italics for journal title, but do not include publishing information, only use volume and number plus pages. Example; Vehik, Susan 2002 Conflict, trade and Political development on the Southern Plains. American Antiquity 67(1): 37-64 [in above case the 67 is the volume number, 1 is the issue number, followed by page numbers.]
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  • Meniketti,Marco
  • Mambretti, Casartelli, Surface Archaeology, Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Caribbean Archaeology.

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