Chapter 5 genetics

Chapter 5 genetics - Chapter 5 Genetics and Evolution...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Genetics and Evolution Natural Selection Natural selection introduced by Darwin in The Origin of Species in 1859 Genetic Mechanisms Chromosomes, Genes, and DNA Chromosomes Genes and DNA The human genome Genes and environment Genotype and phenotype Mendelian heredity Dominant and recessive genes Homozygous Heterozygous Genetic Mechanisms Genetic Mechanisms Genetic Mechanisms Sexual reproduction Sibling and twins Monozygotic Dizygotic Cell division Meiosis Mitosis Trait Inheritance: Nature vs. Nurture Debate Single-gene traits Polygenic traits Gene complexes Polygenic Continuous traits Sexual selection Selective breeding Trait Inheritance: Nature vs. Nurture Debate Skin pigmentation is one example of a continuous trait. Trait Inheritance: Nature vs. Nurture Debate Behavior genetics Twin studies Adoption studies Heritability Molecular genetics Evolution by Natural Selection Evolutionary psychology Friendly foxes: New best friends Innate traits Issues with the evolutionary perspective Acquired characteristics: An early theory of evolution Darwin and selective breeding Environmental change Misconceptions about evolution Evolution by Natural Selection Human evolution: Bipedalism, encephalization, and language Evolution of the human brain Species-Typical Behaviors Human behavior Universality of facial expressions Role of learning Biological preparedness Mating Patterns Differential parental investment theory Polygyny: One male with multiple females Polyandry: One female with multiple males Monogamy: One male with one female Polygynandry: Multiple males with multiple females Human mating patterns Fallacies Social Darwinism Naturalistic fallacy Deterministic fallacy ...
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