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Unformatted text preview: 9-17-09 Consumer Promotions Consumer Promotions o The goal of the consumer promotions is to get customers to actually go to the establishment and buy the product. o o EX. Coupons, samples, Trials, etc. Free Standing inserts are the number one way coupons get distributed. The extra crap you get in the mail. Cross Roughing Two companies teaming up to get more customers to buy their products. (ex. One customer buys a product at another store then they get a coupon for another retailer). Coupons Bounceback coupon you use a coupon on something and that something has another coupon Response offer coupons you get them by asking for them Upons Downloaded from the internet Coupons can reduce revenues Misredemptions Coupons are given out for no reason when they should have bought the product first. o o o Free Standing inserts have the lower redemption rate. Premiums Self liquidating They pay for it. In store package premiums Examples would be toys in cereal and cracker jacks. Take a long time to plan Contests and sweepstakes Contest is a measure of skill Sweepstake is random chance o Sweepstakes can increase trafficking in the store but increase sales are not guaranteed. o Can create brand awareness Refunds and rebates o Rebates are hardly submitted unless the prices of the rebate you get back are worth a lot of money. Rebates are handled by fulfillment companies that do nothing but process rebates or gift items. Sampling Response Sampling- you have to ask for the sample Sampling generally increases sales. A bit expensive o Bonus Packs Get people to use more or store more of your product. (2 for 1 sale) Encourages brand switching Creates new customers ...
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9-17-09.docx - Consumer Promotions Consumer Promotions o...

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