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Midterm study guide F09

Midterm study guide F09 - Philippine American War and U.S...

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San Jose State University Asian American Studies 125 Filipino Experience Fall 2009 Study Guide The format of the mid-term exam will be multiple choice, short identifications and long essays. Lecture, readings, and videos will be the source for the questions. A selection from this list will appear on the exam. Use bluebook. Total 40 points (20% of overall grade). Key terms, dates, people Pre-colonial times : Bathala, barangay, animism, bilateral relations, Malayo-Indonesian peoples and language group, babaylan, self-sufficient economies. Spanish colonialism : Conquistador Magellan 1521, Lapu Lapu, "Filipino" and "Indio," Spanish galleon trade dates 1565-1815, ports, Manila & Acapulco, La Isla Filipinas, Diego Silang, Gabriela Silang, Maria Clara Philippine nationalism: Ilustrados, propaganda movement, Jose Rizal, Philippine revolutionary movement, Andres Bonifacio, KKK, President Emilio Aguinaldo, June 12,1898.
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Unformatted text preview: Philippine American War and U.S. Imperialism: Official dates Philippine American War Feb. 4, 1899-July 4, 1902, unofficial dates 1899-1914, Pres. McKinley’s Policy of Benevolent Assimilation, white man’s burden, social Darwinism, General Jacob Smith’s order “Kill everyone over 10 yrs,” Thomasites, St. Louis World’s Fair 1904 and the Philippine Village. Ignacio et al, The Forbidden Book : Describe images used to depict Filipinos? What were the political, economic, social motivations for these portrayals? Gamalinda, “English is Your Mother Tongue” Review the purpose for implementing English in the Philippines; what affects did it have on the Filipino population socially, psychologically; remedies or reforms. American Legacy in the Philippines: Education, politics, culture, migration, language, economic policies...
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