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Unit_Plan - EDEL 103 Unit Plan Scoring Rubric Scoring...

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Unit Plan Scoring Rubric: Scoring Guidelines Alignment with Curricular Standards Alignment with ELD Standards Instructional Objectives Enabling Activities Organization 4 CA curriculum standards are articulated with ELD standards and instructional objectives. Subject matter is accessible to all students. Subject mater is engaging and authentic, not contrived. ELD standards are appropriate and comprehensible to beginning & intermediate ELLs and EOs. Provided clear goals related to topic. Developed thinking in variety of ways Unit plan demonstrates how students can assess, design, evaluate, manage, report on, theorize, and/or synthesize information: Synthesis. Some instructional tasks are active, not passive. Objectives measurable and observable. There are two or more enabling activities for each objective. The activities enable student to fully achieve the objective. Describes differentiated instruction for ELLs and EOs. Theme, grade level, and brief description of unit plan. Lessons have 1-2 objectives with 1-3 activities per objective.
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