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Review Questions Chapter 5 From Textbook 1. What is meant by quantal release of neurotransmitter? 2. You apply ACh and activate nicotinic receptors on a muscle cell. Which way will current flow through the receptor channels when V m = -60 mV? When V m = 0 mV? When V m = 60 mV? Why? 3. In this chapter, we discussed a GABA-gated ion channel that is permeable to Cl - . GABA also activates a G-protein-coupled receptor, called the GABA B receptor, which causes potassium-selective channels to open. What effect would GABA B receptor activation have on the membrane potential? 4. You think you have discovered a new neurotransmitter, and you are studying its effect on a neuron. The reversal potential for the response caused by the new chemical is -60 mV. Is this substance excitatory or inhibitory? Why? 5. How does nerve gas cause respiratory paralysis?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why is an excitatory synapse on the soma more effective in evoking action potentials in the postsynaptic neuron than an excitatory synapse on the tip of a dendrite? 7. What are the steps that lead to increased excitability in a neuron when the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, NE, is released? Other Review Questions 8. Compare the properties of electrical and chemical synapses. 9. List the steps involved in chemical neurotransmission. 10. What lines of evidence suggest that neurotransmitters are released from synaptic vesicles? 11. Synaptotagmin is a protein that plays a key role in neurotransmitter release. What is its function? 12. Other terms to know: gap junction presynaptic; postsynaptic tetanus/botulinum toxin EPSP, IPSP, summation of EPSPs...
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