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Parent Communication: the Mark Siegel Case   Directions: The purpose of these questions is to guide your analysis of this  case study.  They will help you come to class adequately prepared to participate  in group discussion.  You will not be turning in anything. 1.      Describe the situation in the case in terms of the following: a.      Identify the issues present in this case. b.     What are the positive factors in this situation, as seen by the parent  and teacher? c.      What are the challenges in this situation, as seen by the parent  and the teacher? d.     What has the teacher done thus far to address the problem?
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Unformatted text preview: e. What has Mark done to communicate effectively with the parent? 2. What questions do you still have about this case that have not been answered in the description? 3. What next steps would you suggest that Mark take to work more effectively with the parent? (thing about what you read in the articles this week) 4. What next steps would you suggest that Mark take to work effectively with the student? Be sure to provide a rationale for your suggestions....
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