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BUS188 Case Analysis #1 - Section 5 UPS in the Computer...

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Section 5 UPS in the Computer Repair Business 3/3/08 Executive Summary: This is an analysis on UPS’ decision to enter into the laptop repair business with Toshiba. The analysis takes a look at the different hardware and software that UPS technicians will be looking at when repairing laptops. It will also look at various types of memory and how customers could create back-up strategies to protect their data. Finally, it will analyze the different software that a typical laptop contains. Introduction: UPS is a corporation that has been around for more than a hundred years now, serving the commerce of both businesses and people. It was founded by a 19 year old named James E. Casey who borrowed some money to get started. As time went by, UPS made sure to take advantage of any opportunity and keep up with the technology available. It quickly picked up the car when it was available and merged with any company it thought would give improve its operations. It
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began by serving local communities with private deliveries and quickly expanded to other cities and states. Today, UPS serves more than 200 countries delivering over 12 million packages a day through air, ground, ocean and electronic services. 1 Toshiba has decided let UPS handle its laptop repair services with the intentions of decreasing the time it takes do deliver the computer to and from customers. Mark Simons, the general manager at Toshiba, explains that most of the time is spent in moving the units around and that the actual repairing only takes about an hour. The time it would take to deliver the laptop back to the customer took several weeks, but with UPS the process could be taken down to a few days. UPS has put 50 of its technicians through a Toshiba-certified training course so that they know how to work with all the components of a laptop. 2 Question 1: For so many years now, UPS has primarily a company that specializes in shipping. Even though that is still their main business, they have been investing and trying in other industries as well. The problem with UPS is if it could get people to take them seriously about entering into other businesses, since that is not what they are known for. UPS did make a good business decision in entering the laptop repair industry. Since the main issue with laptop repairs is the logistical aspect, UPS has the upper hand. This is what they do best and people know that. All they need to do is get a good reputation for laptop repairs and many other computer companies will jump right in. Having its technicians take training courses with Toshiba is a step forward to gaining a good reputation. Other laptop repair competitors are rapidly growing in this business. Geek Squad, for example, is
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BUS188 Case Analysis #1 - Section 5 UPS in the Computer...

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