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I. Announcements II. Any question from last week? III. Presentations group 1 and 5. IV. Check in with, “If you were a hat, what kind of hat would you be today?” V. Deepening the focus A. How deep do you go depends on the group 1. Education groups 2. Task groups 3. Therapy, growth, support B. If deepening is in line with the group purpose C. Always done in the middle stage D. Check the safety level E. Do you have enough time F. Check with the person to see if they want to go deeper
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Unformatted text preview: G. Asking thought provoking questions 1. What are those 2. Goes for the feelings a. You can name it as the leader (guess) b. Ask what was that feeling? c. Would you like to try something? 3. Look for what is behind the talk 4. What is the distress the hurt 5. What are they really sharing? H. Always come from this is a good person I. Dont leave the client hanging, always bring them back...
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