Mardi Gras - group project

Mardi Gras - group project - TA 131 T/Th 10:30am The Origin...

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Unformatted text preview: TA 131 T/Th 10:30am The Origin of Mardi Gras (Molly, Amber, and Sadaf are at backstage right, celebrating. Wendy is in front stage center, speaking into a camera) Wendy: Hi everyone! Im Wendy with Holiday History, Americas favorite new game show in which unsuspecting holiday celebrators are asked a series of questions. Todays holiday? A New Orleans favorite: Mardi Gras! (Wendy walks upstage center to the girls who simultaneously move down to center stage where all will meet) Wendy: Hi ladies! How are you this evening? Molly, Amber, Sadaf: (giggling) were great! Amber: Whats going on? Why do you have a camera crew with you? Are we going to be on TV? Sadaf: Hi mom! Wendy: Why yes, you girls are going to be on TV...that is, if you dont mind. I just have a few questions to ask about Mardi Gras. Its for a new show were trying to get out. Molly: Of course we dont mind, fire away! Wendy: Great, lets get started. First of all do you know why youre celebrating this evening? Sadaf: Its Mardi Gras, duh! Amber: I think she means the history of it...right? Wendy: Exactly! Sadaf: Oh, well thats easy. Mardi Gras was a huge Holiday on France Molly: Then it came to America in 1699 with a French explorer named Iberville. He set up camp about 60 miles south of New Orleans on the day when the festival was supposed to start in France and named it Point Du Mardi Gras in honor of the day. (All freeze, as if the TV has been paused)...
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Mardi Gras - group project - TA 131 T/Th 10:30am The Origin...

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