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CE 140 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Laboratory Report Requirements Reports should be no more than 4 pages (plus a title page and appendices), including written material and all results (tables and graphs). Of the 4 pages, only 1.5 pages shall be written material. This 4-page limit does not include appendices. Appendices that must be included for all reports include raw data sheets and calculations. Calculations in the appendices must not be hidden so that they can be checked easily by the grader. No references may be made to the appendices other than the fact that it contains raw data and calculations, i.e. all relevant tables and plots must be in the body of the report. Reports must include the following sections: Title Sheet: Title sheet must include student’s name, group member’s names, laboratory title, date laboratory was performed and date the report is due. Introduction: Presents the purpose of the laboratory in detail and gives a BRIEF description of what will be provided in the report.
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