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English 1B—Draegan Spring 2010 Reading Response #6 After engaging in a critical, careful, thorough read of “Strange Bedfellows,” respond to the following questions. Please give full, detailed responses. 1. According to Deneen, what is Bloom’s definition of liberal education? 2. What do you think Bloom means by philosophic transcendence in regard to culture? 3. According to Bloom, why is prejudice a necessary precursor to liberation? 4. According to Bloom, what is the role of the university? 5. Summarize Bloom’s opinions regarding philosophic inquiry. 6. In the context of this article, how are philosophy and science similar? 7. According to Deneen, what are the characteristics and aims of a classical liberal arts
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Unformatted text preview: education, specifically in regard to culture? 8. As Deneen presents his main point on pages 54-55, how does he describe the relationships among humans, culture, and nature? 9. Why does Deneen believe education has the responsibility of cultural transmission? 10. What does Deneen want us to believe regarding liberal education contrasted against Dewey’s and Bloom’s theories as he has presented them? 11. Even after several critical, careful, and thorough reads, I expect you will have some questions. Please write out at least one thoughtful question concerning a specific point in the text where you would like clarification....
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