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Evaluation and Scoring Rubric for JS 201 Papers Excellent Good Fair Poor/Unacceptable (10 pts) (8-9 pts) (6-7 pts) (0-5 pts) Clear and thorough Accurate but less thorough (15-20 pts) (10-14 pts) (6-9 pts) (0-5 pts) (15-20 pts) (10-14 pts) (6-9 pts) (0-5 pts) (15-20 pts) (10-14 pts) (6-9 pts) (0-5 pts) Analysis/Synthesis (8-10 pts) (6-7 pts) (3-5 pts) (0-2 pts) Conclusion (15-20 pts) (10-14 pts) (6-9 pts) (0-15 pts) Statement of the Issue Tangential, confusing, vague or incomplete statement of the issue Missing or incomprehensible statement of the issue Reasoning and Argumentation Reasoning is logical and comprehensive; argument considers alternative or competing viewpoints, evidence or analysis Reasoning skips a few logical steps; argument considers a few of the most obvious counterpoints or data Reasoning only presents the main points, or is not logically organized; argument considers one or two competing points but dismisses them too quickly Essential steps in reasoning omitted or contradictory points
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201_Rubric_F_07___Lee_modified - Evaluation and Scoring...

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