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Seven Themes of Cognition (from Ashcraft) 1. Attention o This is the all important but poorly understood process that can act to limit and affect our cognitive processing. It is essential to most cognitive processing but only partially under our control. Is it a mechanism? a pool of resources? an epiphenomenon? 2. Automatic vs. controlled processing o The study of consciousness and control. 3. Data-Driven vs. Conceptually driven processing. o Processing driven by environment (data-driven) or existing knowledge (conceptually-driven) 4. Representation o How is information represented? same memory codes or different? 5. Implicit vs. Explicit Memory o Aware vs unaware; can information for which you have no conscious awareness affect your behavior? 6. Metacognition o Our own perceived awareness of our own cognitive systems and capabilities 7. Brain Key Ideas in Cognitive Psychology (Sternberg) 1. Data in Cognitive Psychology can be fully understood in the context of an
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