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English 1A/1B Craig Lore Editorial / Op-Ed The written word wields power, and you have the right and the obligation to voice your opinion, to wield that power, about the conditions around you. You need to respond to one of the columnists or letters to the editor in the Spartan Daily . Your letter may be published, so consider the audience, purpose, and tone of your letter as well as what you are willing to state publicly. Open the Spartan Daily to the Opinion page. The editorial opinions and letters to the editor are printed at the end of the paper. Read one of the editorials, columns, or letters to the editor: an editorial has no author’s name (it is the opinion of the entire newspaper), and columns are published with the name and photograph of their author prominently displayed. Use your pen or pencil to highlight the editorial for later reference. Cut out the article or letter, and turn it in with your write up. Write a 300-word response to the editorial (this is the maximum that the
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