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a. The major claim of the editorial is that the world is a better place because of gender differences among men and woman. Laura Pope acknowledges many gender differences and provides many examples throughout her column. Pope shares her point of view from the start of the letter and concludes her editorial with the same claim made. In fact, she makes her claim so dominant by rephrasing the claim using different words several times. We confirm that this was the claim by using the rule from Epstein, “A declarative sentence used in such a way that it is either true or false (but not both).” (Epstein, 3) Ex. d. “I do not favor one gender response system over another, mind you,” wrote Pope. This is a “description” because the sentence is stating what it is rather than what it should be, in this case, her opinion. The point of a description is to describe a situation or provide information to a scenario. The point of an argument is to convince that a claim is true. It also differs with an argument since the statement it
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Unformatted text preview: cannot be answered by a simple true or false. I agree with Laura Pope in that gender differences make the world a greater place. I think it would be an extremely boring world where both sexes acted similar according to each other. Men and woman most certainly should behave different from each other. I feel like men and women become more compatible with one another according to these differences. It even makes living together a more extraordinary place. Furthermore, people tend to find their own interests that are, sometimes, commonly viewed as gender difference. A definitely agree when I say, guys are moved by big screen televisions, entertainment system, cars, sports, and gadgets. However, I do not agree to the certain extent that Pope describes men putting a certain problem or worry away, often times, walking away from their emotions. I think that people differ emotionally based on the individual and not solely on their gender difference....
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