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173C - revenue assumptions

173C - revenue assumptions - costs roughly about $130...

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Revenue Assumptions For our revenue projections, we had to base it upon assumptions to correctly forecast our revenue streams. First, we will be assuming that we will reach at least 50% of our full capacity for the first half of the year. After six months our customers will increase by 10% every month. Seduction’s nightly weekend crowd will consist of 65% of females and 35% males. Our parking garage will be open daily to patrons and the public, so we will be expecting at least 80% of the capacity daily. For our beer, we will be serving fresh on-tap brews to our customers. One keg
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Unformatted text preview: costs roughly about $130 dollars, one keg can fill about 140 cups. The cost of goods sold for each individual beer will be $0.93 cents. We will be selling each beer at about $7, so one keg will produce $980 dollars of sales, our profit will be $850 dollars per keg after $130 dollars in COGS. Our mixed drinks which consist of juices and hard liquor cost about $2.48 each, and our drinks on average will sell at $8 dollars, so our profit margin will be $5.52....
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