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Unformatted text preview: Interview Questions for TA100W Fall 2009 Notes: Remember to choose someone who is now or who has been an SJSU student. Also remember that you are choosing someone who has either overcome or who is currently struggling with obstacles to completing a college education. The obstacle should be a significant one--otherwise you will not have sufficient material to create a script later in the semester. Talk to several people in an informal way first before you choose the person you will interview. You could have some low key conversations with your possible candidates first--"tell me about how you came to be at SJSU." Remember you are searching for an interesting story. Choose well! Once you have chosen someone, ask for their permission to interview them and let them know you will be recording their comments. Remember that you are not offering your own opinions or comments--think of yourself as an unbiased reporter, simply recording someone else's thoughts and comments. If you hear something interesting, and want to find out more about it, followup on it!! Here's some key phrases that might be helpful: "Could you tell me more about..." "I'm curious about..." "I'd love to hear more about..." "Could you say a little more about..." Opening script: (record this) Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me. As we discussed, I am conducting this interview for an SJSU writing class. Various sections of the interview may become part of a script that I will be writing in the class on student's experiences at SJSU. I will be transcribing the interview and will be sharing it with my fellow students and the instructor in the class. When I type the interview, I will choose another name for you, and you will not be personally identified in my transcript or in any work I share with the class. The (video or audio) tape will not be seen or heard by anyone except for me, and will not be reproduced or published in any form. May I have your permission to interview you, and record the interview? Questions: Background Questions: 1. Where were you born? 2. Who named you? Why did they give you the name you have? 3. Where did you grow up? 4. What is your earliest childhood memory? 5. Could you describe some of the happiest moments that you can recall in your childhood? 6. Could you describe some of the biggest challenges you faced in your childhood? 7. Could you describe some of the traditions in the household that you grew up in? 8. Could you describe the physical environment that you grew up in? What memories do you have of the places that you lived in? 9. If you were to step outside and view your childhood neighborhood, what kinds of things would you see? 10. Could you name some of the foods and dishes that you have memories of from your childhood? 11. Who were the people that were most important to you in your childhood? Who did you spend a lot of time with? 12. What are some of the phrases that you remember hearing over and over again that would distinguish your family from others? 13. Were there teachers in your life that had a big influence on you? Could you describe them? 14. Who else in your childhood had a positive influence on your life? In what way? 15. What did you want to be when you grew up? 16. What did your parents want you to do when you grew up? 17. Was education important to your parents/family? Can you share any conversations you might remember about your education? 18. Is there anything else you would like to add about your childhood? Becoming/Being an SJSU Student: 1. Were there people in your life that influenced you to go to college? Who? How did they influence you? In what ways? 2. Was the decision to go to college made by you or by someone else? Can you say more about this? 3. What is (was) your major course of study at SJSU? 4. Why did you decide to pursue this course of study? 5. What is (was) your experience like as a student? 6. Why did you choose SJSU? 7. Have you (did you) made (make) any sacrifices in order to go to college? Please describe them. 8. Has (did) your family made (make) sacrifices in order for you to go to college? Please describe them. 9. Have other members of your family graduated from college? Who? 10. How are you (did you) finance your college education? (Note: be sensitive here!) 11. What has been your lowest point while in college? How did you overcome it? Your highest point? 12. Have you ever felt that you were stereotyped in college? If so, can you describe this experience? 13. Is going to college important to you? Why or why not? How do you think it will affect your future? (Or, how has it...) 14. Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience at SJSU or as a college student? About Life in General: 1. Who are the significant people in your life now, and why are they significant? 2. If you look back on your life, is there a specific time or period that has had a big effect on you? Can you describe this? 3. If you could have lunch with three people and could choose from anyone on the planet, who would you choose? a. Someone living b. Someone has passed c. Someone who is fictional 4. If there was a film done about your life, what musician or group would you choose to do the soundtrack music? 5. If you could go back in time and change an event in your life, what would it be and how would you change it? 6. Have you ever been in love? How has it influenced your life? 7. Is there anything else you would like to add? Ending the Interview: Make sure and thank them for the interview!!!! Ask them if they would be willing to speak with you again if you need more information or clarification at a later date. GOOD LUCK!!!! ...
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