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SPECIAL SESSIONS ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES-NURSING GRADUATE PROGRAM FALL 2009) (subject to change) Instructor: Mallory L. McWilliams Office Location: ON SITE Office Phone: 924-3469 or 243-7740 Email: mcwilliamsschool@aol.com Office Hours: TH 1630-1700 AND AFTER CLASS ON SITE Other hours: TTH 0635-0720 TTH 1015-1130, W 1700-1800 all BBC321 CLASS HOURS 5:00-7:50 PM ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND CLASS EACH CLASS MEETING COURSE CONTENT AND PREREQUISITES Accounting information is used for three main purposes: (1) preparing of external financial statements, (2) making specific decisions, and (3) enhancing management's control of an enterprise. The first purpose is generally described as financial accounting, and the second and third as management accounting. This course introduces students to financial and managerial use of accounting information systems and concepts for use by investors outside the firm and managers within the firm. The basic objective is to allow business professionals to read, understand, and use accounting information to make better decisions on the job. The focus of this course is on the use of the information instead of preparing the information. Grading I do not use a grading curve. Thus a student’s performance is measured solely against the standard of the grading scale and not against those around him or her. Grades will be determine based on the below: A category ( - through + ) 90% times total points possible B category (- through +) 80% C category (- through +) 70% Below 70% would be the D and F 1 Midterm examination (Financial Accounting) 100 points total 2 quizzes (50 points each- CAN DROP ONE) 50 points PROJECT- GROUP 50 points Final exam (Managerial Accounting) 100 points TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE 300 POINTS Course Textbook and other material Financial Accounting; Libby, Libby, Short; 6 th edition ISBN 978-0-07-352688-1; Irwin McGraw-Hill Managerial Accounting; Garrison, Noreen and Brewer ; 13 th Edition ISBN 978-0-07-337961-6-; Irwin McGraw Hill MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT EDITION. ( Available in Spartan bookstore!
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bus220nursingfall2009amended - BUS 220 SPECIAL SESSIONS...

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