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Finalized assumptions

Finalized assumptions - Year 1 Assumptions Details Sales...

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Year 1 Assumptions Details: Sales assumptions During the first year we will be selling shirts online, and at fighting events. Online sales will be promoted through word of mouth, Gorilla marketing (stickers), Facebook.com, Viral marketing, and T shirt giveaways. We are also planning on selling shirts at random events (schools, city events, sporting events, fairs etc.) Events - 20 shirts an event, 1 event a month Online - 4 shirts a day average, 120 shirts a month Online sales will increase by 5% *After month 10 we will open a mall kiosk which will sell 90 shirts a week (360 shirts total) Cost Assumptions Cost of sales Average T-shirts cost 2.50 (alibab.com), printing $2, total $4.50 Marketing T-shirt giveaway (60) shirts $270 Stickers and Flyers $200 (Gilbert, Collegenoteshare.com) Facebook $360 (Facebook.com) Fighter sponsorship $1,800 (Mike Kyle MMA Fighter) Other expenses Trademark and Incorporation - $1,000 (mytrademarkregistration.com) Designer Logo $3,500 Computer and software $1,000 Year 2 assumptions
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