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Dear SJSU Student Welcome to class. Your instructor has chosen University Physics Vol 1 (Chapters 1-20) with MasteringPhysics 12/E, by Young & Freedman & Ford, ISBN: 0321500563 . Since we now offer many different ways to purchase the content that we publish, we wanted to give you a quick guide so you can make the most informed decision. Please choose one of these three options: Option #1 Bound Book with MasteringPhysics $130 ISBN 0321500563 Walk on over to the Spartan Bookstore to pick up the textbook package included at a huge discount. Or, order the same package with UPS Ground Shipping and 10% off (free) from http//
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Unformatted text preview: Option #2 E-Book with MasteringPhysics $122.96 online at The easiest way to order the E-Book is directly from www. masteringPhysics. com with a credit card. The Spartan Bookstore can order a Student Access Kit for you as well. Option #3 Used book with separate MasteringPhysics Approximately $143 ($98 text + $45 for MasteringPhysics without E-book access). Please be aware that this can usually be the most expensive option. Find a used book wherever you normally would, then purchase access to MasteringPhysics directly online at ....
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