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EDTE 216, September 3, 2008 AGENDA 5:00 – 5:15 Welcome Norms for cell phones, laptops Vote—shared dinner? 5:15 – 5:25 Review Updated Assignments Guidelines 5:25 – 5:45 Running Record Pre-assessment 5:45 – 6:10 Review of Articles: Assessment Crisis: The Absence of Assessment FOR Three paradigms of assessment: Measurement, procedure and inquiry Work with a partner to fill out handouts Whole class discussion 6:10 – 6:20 Break 6:20 – 6:45 Our Personal Assessment Histories 6:45 – 7:30 Demonstrate Running Record -Scoring -Analysis Practice 7:30 – 7:45 Homework: Read chapter(s) on administering running records Clay’s An Observation Survey, pages 49—81 OR Shea’s Where’s the Glitch?: How to Use Running Records with Older Students, Grades 3-5, pages 1—37 Do try-it running record with analysis and bring to class (Do a running record with three
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Unformatted text preview: different students. Primary—first one hundred words in book only. If doing upper grade, the MRR is for the first one minute the child reads.) Read Learning to Love Assessment, by Carol Ann Tomlinson (passed out in class) Optional —Read Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back: The Stormy History of Reading Comprehension Assessment, by Loukia K. Sarroub and P. David Pearson (This is the article I summarized the first night of class.) Tonight’s Objectives: 1. To understand the relationship between ongoing literacy assessment and learner-centered instruction. (Standards 2, 3, 5, 6, 11) 2. To administer and evaluate the usefulness of various standardized and non-standardized literacy assessment tools and procedures. (Standard 4, 8) 3. To provide guided practice in using a range of assessment tools and related learning experiences appropriate for struggling readers and writers. (Standard 2, 5, 7, 11)...
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EDTE_216_Day_2_Agenda - different students Primary—first...

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