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EDTE 216 Update Information on Assignments Assignments and Grading Policy Ongoing assessment Try-Its 30% Group presentations on A Teacher’s Guide to Standardized Tests 5% Group presentations on Primary and Upper Grade Reading & Writing Assessments 5% Written case study 15% End of Semester Exam 15% Culminating Paper 20 % Preparation and Participation 10% GUIDELINES FOR ONGOING ASSESSMENT TRY-ITS (30%) 1. Throughout the semester, you will be practicing using a variety of reading and writing ongoing assessment tools ( try-its) . 2. For several weeks, you will be bringing your try-its to class, where you will have an opportunity to discuss what you did, what you learned about your students, and the instructional next steps that you took and/or will take. 3. Samples of try-its be collected. You will also have the option of meeting with me individually or in self-selected small groups before class to discuss try-its . 4. When deciding on appropriate instructional next steps, please refer to the Johns and Lenski resource book, Improving Reading , and Carl Anderson’s Assessing Writers . Please feel free to use other resources, than those used in class. There is a list of additional resources that might be helpful to you in the syllabus. 5. Each week’s completed try-it will generate 3 points. You must be present in class to earn the points. 3— Try-its are complete and accurate with analysis or interpretation provided 2— Try-it has inaccuracies or analysis was not included 1— Try-it is incomplete Grading: 90-100 points 60-80 points 30-50 points 1 EDTE 216, Wednesdays 5:00-8:00 Fall 2008
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GUIDELINES FOR GROUP PRESENTATIONS ON A TEACHER’S GUIDE TO A STANDARDIZED READING TESTS (5%) Purpose: Reading specialists are often responsible for staff development, and this assignment will provide you with an opportunity to collaborate with a group of colleagues in planning for a short “staff development” occasion. Procedure 1. We will all read the entire book, and tease out key insights and strategies as we go. 2. Working in five groups, you will lead conversations around chapters 5-9 in Part II, “A Curriculum for Test Preparation.” 3. As we will have all read the chapter, it is your role to actively engage us and extend our understanding of the content of your chapter. 4. Each group will have 20 minutes for their group-led conversations. 5. You can structure the 20-minutes as you wish (e.g., whole class, small groups), but each member of the presenting group must have an active role. 6. If you would like the class to do something in preparation for your conversation, you need to let us know in advance, either in class on November 5 or via email no later than November 7. 7.
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Assignments_For_EDTE_216_Fall_2008 - EDTE 216 Update...

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