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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Business 1 021 - Manageial Accounting Spring 2009 Instructor: Carroll I. Buck Office: BT 456 Phone: (408)924-3496 E-Mail: buck Section 4: T TH Seetion 5: T TH Section 6: T Section 7: TH 13.,30-14:45 15:00-i6:15 18:00-20:45 18:00-20:45 BBC 107 BBC 107 BBC 326 BBC 326 OFFICE HOURS: COURSE PRERE,QUISITES: REQUIRED TEXT: OPTIONAL MATERIALS: T & TH l2:00-13:30, 16:30-18:00. Bus 20-Financial Accounting or Bus 20N-Survey of Accounting (with minimum grade of "C"). Managerial Accounting for Managers, Noreen, Brewer and Garrison Irwin McGraw-Hill Study Guide COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The overall emphasis of this course is the use of accounting data within an organizalion by its managers. Managers need information to carry out three essential functions: (1) planning operations, (2) controlling activities, and (3) making decisions. The purpose of this course is to show what kind of information is needed, where this information can be obtained, and how information can be used by managers as they carry out their planning, control, and decision-making responsibilities. Some of the specific topics that will be addressed in the course are: cost accumulation methods for product costing; cost structure for control and motivation; cost-volume-profit relationships; profit planning and budgeting; standard costing; and relevant costs for non- routine decisions. Current and best practices will be discussed to provide vou with the most recent information on how businesses accumulate and use the cost information. HOMEWORK: Homework assigrunents for the semester are aIlached. Students are expected to complete each homework assignment prior to the next class meeting. Homework will be collected periodically, at the instructor's option, so be prepared to turn in your written solutions to the
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SyllabusSp09Bus21Buck.pdf - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY...

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