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Hess - San Jose lecture 2010 ppt summary[1]

Hess - San Jose lecture 2010 ppt summary[1] - Magic Science...

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Magic, Science and Religion: Creation Evolution and Meaning Peter M. J. Hess National Center for Science Education Oakland, California 18 March 2010 [Series of slides of Mt. Shasta climb] How does the human quest for meaning relate to magic, science, and religion? Magic, Science, and Religion: the Quest for Meaning Humans are meaning seeking beings We impose order on patterns We cherish understanding We seek control Confronted by facts we seek architectonic explanations, grand unifying theories We are beings driven by faith We are beings who live in hope and love Are these assertions about humans explainable by science, by theology, or by both? [Slide] Hubble Telescope ― “Pillars of Creation” [slide] Is this the domain of science or of theology? Why can’t creation and evolution just get along? Two examples: A. Richard Dawkins publishes The God Delusion (2006) His book purports to explain (and explain away) religious belief (University of Oxford, biologist and Chair for the Public Understanding of Science) B. Answers-in-Genesis, Creation “Museum” opens – May 2007 Evangelist Ken Ham opens “museum” near Cincinnati complete with “sciency” exhibits Why Creationism is Attractive I. Why creationism is attractive Humans crave security and order Humans read design into everything
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Life is inherently messy Creationist interpretations offer security and order by reading everything through the biblical lens of design, order, and purpose Creationism has no more scientific validity than astronomy, alchemy, or numerology. They all fall into the domain of Pseudoscience II. Why Creationism is Attractive – II Primates are aggressive and tribal, and justify this behavior in their writings Humans are naturally anthropocentric, so their story of the world (Genesis) is, naturally, all about them Christians have developed a theology of salvation that renders the natural world as merely an incidental backdrop to the story of human salvation. Why Creationism is Attractive – III We cling to various forms of scriptural inerrantism even if they contradict science Why Creationism is Attractive – IV Creationists worry that evolutionary biology entails or is at least conducive to racism, feminism, irreligion, immorality, liberalism, drug use, teen pregnancy, voting for Democrats, and societal breakdown Creation or Evolution? Creation or evolution – is that even a meaningful question? Is this fruit Spherical?
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Hess - San Jose lecture 2010 ppt summary[1] - Magic Science...

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