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group 3 - the most anxiety Ex Thinking about asking the...

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Psych 165 Group #3 Vanessa Nevarez, Maribel Demayo, Kimberly Leung, Cristiane Dos Santos, Elizabeth Jamenez, Daisey Reynoso 3. List and describe the four steps of contemporary behavioral rehearsal. Next, pretend you are a therapist using behavioral rehearsal to help a patent learn how to ask someone on a date. Briefly describe how you would employ each of these four steps to complete this goal. Step 1- You first prepare the client, give rational, test alternative behaviors, and discuss appropriate expectations. Talk to client about dating issues, discuss hypothetical situation and how that would make them feel. Find out clients comfort zone, ask questions regarding role playing. Also, ask client what their expectations of what they want to gain out of therapy, explain the possibilities of rejections and acceptance. Step 2 -Identify targets for change: hierarchy of situations to rehearse Discuss with the client, what part of the process of asking someone out, generates
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Unformatted text preview: the most anxiety. Ex: Thinking about asking the persons, walking toward, being face to face with the person, confrontations, verbalizing. Step 3-Role-play or behavioral rehearsal: should be as realistic as possible Client comes to appointment, knowing that they are not going to be in a session. It will be a “role-playing” with therapist, just as if they were in a real situation. Use other alternatives discussed as possible ways of relieving anxiety, and pressure. Step 4-Carry out the behaviors in the real world. Sending the client to go to a public setting, ask client to perform just as practiced in step three. If successful continue with other meetings to reinforce, if this fails ask client back to office Sheila 2/24/10 11:53 PM Comment: Follow up even if the client is successful… debrief and discuss what went well, what didn’t, etc....
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