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week5response - Hey Susan I enjoyed reading your different...

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Hey Susan, I enjoyed reading your different examples of how people fall under disruptive roles. There are so many ways that a person can become disruptive, that’s why we should all be cautious of all of our actions. When working in groups, it can be especially difficult to avoid disruptive roles since one should always be considerate of everybody they are working or dealing with. Disruptive roles are not anything that will be diminished completely, because I see it as a part of human nature. We all do it one time or another unknowingly. I totally agree with the idea all people under the circumstances have good intentions, but they can become disruptive at the same time. Your two examples of disruptive roles would have been great examples for my post. I really feel that everyone means well, but their selfishness can take over. At this point, they become disruptive to their peers. I can relate to the case with Ruby, because I have found myself in a situation where I was in a group and one member wanted to quickly assign everyone a role. I was
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