Public_presentation_assignment - order to substantiate her...

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Socs 100W ~ Writing Workshop Spring 2010 Public presentation analysis of a talk by Ms. Debra Griffith Due dates: Draft: February 22Final version: March 1 Length: three pages (full and complete with text) Format: refer to syllabus The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to observe a person in presentation and to critically assess the mode and content of the oral communication. Write an essay that includes responses to all of the following prompts: How does the presenter open her talk? What does she so to elicit your attention? What type of information does the presenter share about herself in
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Unformatted text preview: order to substantiate her authority in the material that she is about to present? • How does the content of her presentation conform AND contrast with her mode or method of communication? • What did you learn from her presentation? • What elements of her presentation assisted you in developing a greater understanding of the material that she spoke of? • What would you want to borrow from her method of presentation in a future oral communication that you might conduct?...
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Public_presentation_assignment - order to substantiate her...

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