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EDTE_216_October_29 - 7:00-7:35 – Individual Writing...

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EDTE 216 October 29, 2008 AGENDA 5:00-5:20 – Freewrite in Preparation for Culminating Paper Use either paper or computer to freewrite in response to prompts about your learning this semester. Listen to the first prompt and begin writing, and then during writing continue to response to on-going sentence starters to prompt your thinking. 5:20-6:20 – Use Class Checklists to Create Whole Class, Small Group and Instructional Plans In small groups examine checklists to look for whole class trends. Use graphic organizer to identify strengths and needs of the class. Develop a record-keeping form with goals for the next unit. Be sure to include goals for initiating meaningful writing and writing processes. If time permits, look for a students who might be grouped together for instruction to meet a goal. 6:20-6:30 – Break 6:30-7:00 – Assessment to Check Understanding Answer questions to self-assess your understanding of course material
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Unformatted text preview: 7:00-7:35 – Individual Writing Plans Examine individual’s writing to make a plan for their individualize instruction within the broader unit you planned. 7:35-7:45 Written Reflection and Classroom Clean-up Homework: • Read Anderson’s Assessing Writers, pp. 141-163 about designing individual learning plans • Do Try-it individual learning plan for your case-study student • Read the Hatch and Thompson articles in reader about standards (pp. 66-75) • Bring your district’s reading, writing and ELD standards—be familiar with them Objectives: • Self-assessment: How well have I met the course objective thus far? • To understand how to differentiate instruction for students by making decisions about whole class, small group and individual instruction based on assessment data • To develop strategies for putting in place individual instructional plans...
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EDTE_216_October_29 - 7:00-7:35 – Individual Writing...

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