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San Jos San Jos é Stat Stat e University University Evaluation Evaluation Instructions for Student (IMPORTANT) 1. This form is to apply undergraduate units taken at SJSU to your graduate career. You do not need to petition to take a graduate course if you are still an undergraduate and do not plan on transferring the course to your graduate career. 2. Only graduate or credential students already admitted and attending at least their first graduate semester may complete this form. 3. None of the courses to be applied to your graduate career may have been used for your undergraduate or second baccalaureate degree. 4. Only the course units will be applied to your graduate career, grade points will still remain on your undergraduate career. (No Exceptions) 5. Your graduate advisor signature is required before form can be submitted. 6. List all information completely or form may be returned to you. Student Information Last Name First Name, M.I. Mailing Address City State
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