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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY - FALL 2008 HISTORY/POLITICAL SCIENCE 15A Section 4 Mon. & Wed. 1:30-2:45 p.m. DMH 150 Course Code 47079 HISTORY Instructor: Dr. Steven Millner Office: WS 216 Email: [email protected] Phone: (408) 924-5864 Office Hours: Tu/Thurs noon to 2:30 p.m. POLITICAL SCIENCE Instructor: Dr. Patricia McKenzie Office: Clark Hall 406 L Email: [email protected] Phone: (408) 924-1361 Office Hours: Monday 3:00-5:00 p.m., Tuesday Virtual Office Hours on Blackboard 10:00 to Noon and by appointment. REQUIRED TEXTS HISTORY TEXT Nation of Nations: A Narrative History of the American Republic, Vol. 1, James Davidson, Brian Delay, et al. McGraw-Hill, ISBN 978-0-07-333015-0 Online: POLITICAL SCIENCE TEXT American Government: Historical, Popular & Global Perspectives, (Alternative Edition) 1 st Ed., Kenneth Dautrich and David A. Yalof, Wadsworth Cengage Learning, ISBN 10: 0155050915 Online: COURSE DESCRIPTION HIST/POLS 15A is the first semester of a two-semester, interdisciplinary, team-taught course covering U. S. history and government. When taken in consecutive semesters with the same instructors, HIST/POLS 15 A/B fulfills the State of California’s requirements for U. S. History, U. S. Constitution, and California Government. You must complete the entire two-semester sequence with the same faculty members in order to fulfill the requirements and earn six semester credits. When successfully completed, HIST/POLS 15 A/B counts for six credits of General Education requirements in social sciences and comparative systems. If you have already taken either POLS 1 or POLS 101, you may not take HIST/POLS 15 A/B. STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES You will learn to analyze current social and political events, relate them to their historical precedents and recognize the individual roles played by the many elements that make up our diverse society. Through diverse reading assignments, the text and lectures, you will learn about American history, government and institutions form the nation’s beginnings to our present society. By the end of the two-semester course, you should be able to recognize the key events and issues that formed the nation, and be able to explain the interactive role of those events in producing today’s political, social and economic attributes, problems, and institutions. Because HIST 15A/B involves multi-disciplinary material, you will learn to draw from a wide spectrum of sources for information, and apply that information to current political, economic and social situations. Page 1 of 9
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COURSE CONTENT We will consider principal events, developments, ideas, politics and international relations in all the territories now in the United States. The scope of the course will be from the beginnings of this society until the present. Specific themes will include: colonialism and the mixing of cultures; race and slavery; the American Revolution; creation of the new republic; territorial expansion; economic/industrial
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Millner_McKenzie_HIST_POLS15A_Syllabus_Fall_2008 - SAN JOSE...

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