Midterm - $euooue rc ( r# lest /C:Z1 . -True NAM6: -...

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$euooue rc r# lest ( NAM6: - /C:Z- -z leyl | (new fhat onel! 1 . -True or False *Huella, Gato and Milonga are authentic forms of Argentinean Secular Music 2 C^ *Julian Aguirre was one of the first qreat arqentinean Pianist ffi e' c- J "The Buenos Aires Gonservatory was founded byAlberto Ginastera (fl 1/' ,7 "Due to its direct contact with the Pacific Ocean, Argentina developed a great social and economicat progress W T *As an Orchestra Conductor, Juan Jose Castro devoted himself to promote only his own works (f Ll *Nowadays, the BuenosAires Conservatory bearsAlberto Williams'name ffi v 2.-Filt the Blanks "Name the First Opera wrote by an Argentinean Composer back in 1877 "Name one of the two composers who founded the Buenos Aires Gonservatory in 1890. "One of the most importantTheatre inArgentina's (and somphowworld wide) cultural life *Name one of Juan Jose Castro's works heard in class I *The two contrasting and constant elements in Ginastera's music "Two strongest music influences in JJ Castro's formation years
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Midterm - $euooue rc ( r# lest /C:Z1 . -True NAM6: -...

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