3-4-09 DREAMING - individual Continual performances in...

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Conflict Reducing Mechanisms Use of land (range v. estate) = use rights Ethics of foraging Band exogamy Moeity concept (groups divided in half) = complementary opposition male/female all males all females generations
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Dreaming Dreaming = time of creation Explanation Charter: how things are and should be Unites humans, animals, plants, and features of the landscape in single totality Sacred/secret knowledge male/female revealed gradually through initiations Totems – sense of connection to Dreaming beings/spirits Ancestral totems: man and his descendants (patriline) Conception totems – vary for each
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Unformatted text preview: individual Continual performances in different genres unites past and present realities Dreaming, cont. Myths: stories of journeys and activities Dreaming Path = life-plan Responsibilities and obligations = The Law Rituals Individual rituals deal with weather, local conditions Increase rituals to insure fertility and reproduction of resources big meetings major initiations, burials Songlines Recount journeys & mental map Sacred Objects Art body painting, rock carving, bark painting, acrylic painting...
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3-4-09 DREAMING - individual Continual performances in...

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